Tuition Classes Programs in Bt. Panjang

Tuition Classes Programs in Bukit Panjang

Tuition Classes in Bukit Panjang Programs

Most tuition centres or private tutors in Bukit Panjang will have their own tuition class programs to meet the needs of their students attending their tuition classes. They are listed as follows

Primary School Tuition Classes

It is in the primary school years that a strong focus on good and proper learning habits that helps to prepare children to handle the structured syllabus of the primary school journey.

Programs which are individually tailored would assist children to learn at their optimal pace.

This will allow children to gain familiarization with every subject-specific components and building confidence in responding to written and verbal tasks.

This would go a long way in driving each child’s passion for learning.

Primary School Tuition Classes would include the following subjects:


Secondary School Tuition Classes

It is in the secondary school years that students learning habits and understanding of their subjects which are essential to their performance at each examination.

Understanding the key criteria for each component of the exam questions will help the student to understand what knowledge to apply and how to apply it into answering the examination questions..

The three important factors should be emphasized in all Secondary School Tuition Classes. They are:
Content MasteryAnalytical Thinking and Answering Techniques in exams are essential.

Secondary School Tuition programs should cater to fill in the knowledge gaps for each student and allow them to develop academically at an optimal pace.

Secondary School Tuition Classes would include the following subjects:
Mathematics (Lower Sec)
Science (Lower Sec)
Mathematics (Upper Sec)
Additional Mathematics (Upper Sec)
Science (Physics & Chemistry) (Upper Sec)


Good Tuition Centres in Bukit Panjang:






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