Sports Facilities in Bukit Panjang

The Sports Facilities in Bukit Panjang

Sports Facilities in Bukit Panjang

Sports Facilities in Bukit Panjang are facilities or space where sports are being in Bukit Panjang Estate. There are many kinds of sports being played in Bt Panjang and the more common sports would generally be basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, football, soccer and even taekwondo or silat.

To cater to the various sporting needs of the residents in Bukit Panjang, many sports facilities like basketball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, football fields are built and conveniently located and easily accessible by public transport or within walking distance from the place where these residents are living in, be it the public HDB flats in Bukit Panjang, condominiums in Bukit Panjang, landed property in Bukit Panjang, houses in Bukit Panjang. These facilities for sports are also located to places in Bukit Panjang where some of these residents are working in, like the shops in Bukit Panjang, schools in Bukit Panjang.

List of sports facilities in Bukit Panjang

Badminton Courts in Bukit Panjang
Basketball Courts in Bukit Panjang
Biking Trails in Bukit Panjang
Football Fields in Bukit Panjang
Futsal Courts in Bukit Panjang
Hiking Trails in Bukit Panjang
Parks in Bukit Panjang
Swimming Pools in Bukit Panjang
Walking Trails in Bukit Panjang

To encourage more residents to take up some form of exercising, many activities are being planned out and carried out by the respective interest groups, community clubs in Bukit Panjang and among the residents own circle of friends.

As Bukit Panjang is nearby the Dairy Farm Nature Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Kranji Marshes and Mandai Nature Reserve, you can see many nature lovers, hikers, cyclists and bikers all crowding around the hawker centers in Bukit Panjang and coffee shops for their breaks during the weekends or public holidays. You can find most of them especially in the Bangkit Heartland Mall as there are many good and affordable food stalls in Bukit Panjang there. There is also a bicycle shop run by a friendly uncle in Bangkit to help service the bicycles of the cyclists there in Bangkit.

Indeed, where it comes to sporting activities, the sports facilities in Bukit Panjang are capable of rising to the occasion to serve the sporting needs of the Bukit Panjang residents.



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