Singaporean Man Attacked by Wild Boar at Zhenghua Park in Bukit Panjang

A 40-year-old Singaporean man, known as JL, is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by a wild boar while walking his dogs at Zhenghua Park in Bukit Panjang. The incident occurred on Thursday, June 1 2023, at approximately 8:45 pm.

According to JL’s account, the wild boar unexpectedly appeared and exhibited aggressive behavior towards him. Despite wild boars typically being evasive, this particular one charged at JL, sinking its teeth into his left leg. Fortunately, one of his dogs intervened after the wild boar tried to charge at JL again and managed to ward off the boar, subsequently chasing it away. Despite his injury, JL mustered the strength to run after his dog for a short distance before his leg impeded his movements.

Wild boar attacked man in Zhenghua Park
Wild boar attacked man in Zhenghua Park

Following the attack, JL’s wife promptly drove him to the hospital. He underwent surgery around 2 am on June 2, receiving over 20 stitches on his left leg. Currently, JL remains under observation and has been advised to take four to six weeks of medical leave.

JL expressed shock and disbelief about the incident, emphasizing that he and his dogs did nothing to provoke the attack. He considers himself fortunate that his injuries were not more severe, as the boar’s bite was forceful enough to potentially cause serious harm. JL further expressed gratitude that his dog acted as a protector during the ordeal, preventing further harm. Notably, he reflected on the potential consequences had the attack occurred while he was accompanied by his 17-month-old daughter.

Despite his traumatic encounter, JL holds no ill will towards the wild boar responsible for the attack. He hopes for a peaceful resolution, advocating for the relocation of the boar rather than its capture and euthanasia, as has happened in the past. JL acknowledged that wild boars are a common sight in the area and generally considered harmless.

Safety Guidelines for Wild Boar Encounters:

In response to the incident, NParks (National Parks Board) advises the public to exercise caution when encountering wild boars. While typically shy, wild boars are unpredictable and can pose a risk to public safety. NParks recommends the following precautions when encountering a wild boar:

Remain calm and move away slowly from the animal, avoiding any attempts to approach or feed it.
Maintain a safe distance and refrain from cornering or provoking the animal, such as using a flash while taking pictures.
If you spot adult wild boars with piglets, it is best to leave them undisturbed. Female wild boars are particularly protective of their young and may become aggressive if threatened.
Refrain from touching or handling sick or deceased wild boars.

The recent attack on JL by a wild boar at Zhenghua Park highlights the importance of caution when encountering these animals. JL’s ordeal serves as a reminder that even seemingly harmless wildlife can pose risks. NParks’ guidelines provide valuable information on how to minimize potential conflicts with wild boars and ensure public safety.

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