Secondary Schools in Bukit Panjang

Secondary Schools in Bukit Panjang


Secondary Schools in Bukit Panjang: Parents can find quite a number of Secondary Schools in the Bukit Panjang neighborhood. The Secondary schools are listed as follows:

Click on any of the Bukit Panjang Secondary schools listed above to see their locations in Bukit Panjang.


Assumption Pathway School

Address: 30 Cashew Road S(679697)
Tel: 6879 3900
Fax: 6762 2857
Official site: Assumption Pathway School

Fajar Secondary School

Address: 31 Gangsa Road S(678972)
Tel: 6769 1491
Fax: 6763 3025
Official site: Fajar Secondary School


Greenridge Secondary School

Address: 32 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd S(679938)
Tel: 6760 1052
Fax: 67628334
Official site: Greenridge Secondary School


West Spring Secondary School

Address: 61 Senja Rd, S(677737)
Tel: 6892 0369
Official site: West Spring Secondary School


Zhenghua Secondary School

Address: 91 Senja Rd, S(677741)
Tel:  6763 9455
Official site: Zhenghua Secondary School

The Secondary Schools in Bukit Panjang listed above together with the Primary Schools in Bukit Panjang are part of the Bukit Panjang schools which collectively see to the educational needs of the children of the Bukit Panjang residents.



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