8 Wild Boars Trapped in Bukit Panjang Since May 2023 Following Recent Wild Boar Attack in Zhenghua Park

8 Wild Boars Trapped in Bukit Panjang Since May 2023 Following Recent Wild Boar Attack in Zhenghua Park, NParks Reports

Wild Boar In Bukit Panjang

The National Parks Board (NParks) has provided an update on a recent incident involving a member of the public and a wild boar at Zhenghua Park in Bukit Panjang. After being alerted to the incident on Jun. 1, NParks has been in contact with the affected individual. On Thursday, a 40-year-old Singaporean man was attacked by a wild boar while walking his dog, resulting in hospitalization and a surgical procedure that required over 20 stitches. This incident was first reported by Mothership on Friday. NParks continues to maintain communication with the injured man.

This unfortunate event follows a similar attack last month, where a 34-year-old woman in Bukit Panjang was also assaulted by a wild boar, resulting in her hospitalization with multiple injuries. In response to these incidents, NParks has been proactively working to trap wild boars in the area, successfully capturing eight since May.

According to Adrian Loo, NParks’ group director of wildlife management, efforts are underway to promote safe and responsible encounters between humans and wildlife. NParks is collaborating with various stakeholders to raise public awareness and educate the community. Additionally, enforcement actions are being taken against the illegal feeding of wildlife, as this can disrupt the natural foraging behavior of wild boars, causing them to rely on humans for food.

To prevent wild boars from venturing into residential areas, NParks is closely monitoring the Bukit Panjang region and implementing exclusion fencing. The agency emphasizes a community- and science-based approach to managing wild boar encounters, encompassing habitat modification, movement management, relocation, and culling. Each action is carefully considered, taking into account factors such as the situation, location, health, and behavior of the wild boars.

Furthermore, NParks collaborates with public agencies and developers to install hoarding, ensuring wildlife, including boars, is deterred from entering nearby residential areas. Given the rapid reproduction rate of wild boars and the absence of natural predators in Singapore, NParks acknowledges the need for “humane management” of their population, particularly when public safety is at risk.

In the event of a wild boar encounter, the public is reminded to remain calm and move away slowly while maintaining a safe distance. It is crucial not to corner or provoke the animal.

If wild boars are spotted with piglets, it is recommended to keep a distance, as they can become aggressive when defending their young.

Members of the public encountering wild boars are encouraged to contact the Animal Response Centre at 1800-476-1600for assistance.

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